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Square Bill Crank Baits - What Color Is Best?


square bill crank bait

This article will help you to find out which square bill crank bait to use when fishing in various water conditions and clarity. 

What color is best? When it comes to the squarebill crankbait the answer to this question may surprise you. It does not make a huge fdifferent as long as the color matches some of the bait fish in the waters you are fishing. Let's face it the fish needs to eat and they will eat whatever is put in front of their face if they are hungry. This being said, there are some differences I want to talk about.

Color Of the Water When Bass Fishing

The color of the water is a key aspect of bass fishing. A fish’s natural habitat is determined by the color of its surrounding environment. Therefore, if you want to catch more fish, it’s critical to understand how the colors of water impact bass behavior and color of your lure. I personally prefer to use a light color of crank baits, such as, white or yellowish and even a silver shad color when the water is murky or discolored. When the water is crystal clear I really want to mimic the color of the bait fish in the area. 

My Two All-Time Favorite Colors of Square Bill Crank Baits

I live in an area where I fish mainly river bayous and the river in between those bayous. This means the water is many times murky and dark. I use either the Silver Shad or the Baby Bass colored cranks. I use these two because that is the main baitfish the lunkers want to eat in my neck of the woods. So I would encourage you to find out what the main baitfish is in your waters and mimic those colors in your baits. A good place to begin when purchasing Square bill Cranks is the Codaicen Multi-set this way you get my two favorites along with three other colors that wll most likley mimic any baitfish you might find in your water.


Thank you to our author, Dennis Snyder, who has been bass fishing for over 60 years using many styles of baits including the squarebill crankbait. He is also an avid DIY'er and has his own DIY website found at where his newest blog post is How to Build a Shed Cheap 2022.

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