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How To Catch Bass With The Wacky Worms Rig Set-up

Bass fishing has been around forever, and as bass fishing has evolved, the methods used by fishermen have evolved as well. Today’s bass fishing tips using the wacky worms will teach you how to catch more bass.

We are going to take a look at a basic technique used by seasoned bass fishermen to catch bass, and I will show you how you can use this technique yourself. I have caught fish with a variety of techniques and gear, but when it comes to catching bass, I feel I can be most effective when I use my go to bait, the wacky worm rig. As an angler, you don’t want to be too flashy and scare them off, but you want to be able to get close enough to get a good hookup.

We all know bass fishing is one of the most popular pastimes for many anglers. But, how can you be successful at catching bass? Are you an angler that has been disappointed with the lack of success you’ve been having? Have you looked at all the gear out there and wondered what makes some rigs work and others not? If so, I’m going to tell you something that will change your perspective about bass fishing forever!  

Why I Use the Wacky Worms Rig Set-up

One of my favorite parts of this entire set-up is how easy it is to switch up the colors and add new worms in just a few minutes. If you’re not familiar with the wacky worm rig let me give you a quick definition. Basically, it is a stick worm that is hooked in the middle and dangles from the hook. Here is an image: 

I also like to finesse fish for bass. That means that I like to fish slowly on the edge of and even in the weeds. Because of the weeds I often fish in I use a wacky worm weedless hook. I make sure it is a wide offset gap making it a bit easier to set the hook. 

Always remember that slower is better when fishing a wacky worm set-up. I toss the worm right on the bank and slowly pull it into the water and just give it a twitch or two as I pull it back to the boat very slowly. So twitch, twitch let it sit for a quick pause then twitch, twitch and a pause as I try to entice the bass to hit. Many times at that pause you will see your line begin to move one way or the other. As you slowly reel up the slack hopefully, you will feel the fish sucking in the worm tugging on your line. Then POW you set the hook and the fight is on.

What Is the Best Wacky Worms Rig Set-up

My favorite wacky worm rig set-up is actually pretty simple. I use the Codaicen Wacky Rig tool along with a 5 inch made in the USA soft stick worm. I simply put the worm in the tube, slide the o-ring onto the tube and then slide it on the worm. Check out our video.

I have personally caught more bass on wacky worms than any other baits. This is my go to bass catcher. Definitely a finesse bait, slow and smooth. I use the Codaicen Spinning Reel on my Ugly Stik Spinning Rod for all my finesse fishing and I have caught a lot of decent bass using this set-up.


One wacky rig tool, 125 Worm O-rings, 10 weedless #1 wacky worm hooks, six 5” wacky worms lightly salted senko style soft stick bait worms hand poured and molded in the USA. Multiple colors of wacky worms are available. The wacky rig tool is made with 100% aluminum and stainless steel and comes with a quality lanyard and an easy to add o-rings retainer screw. Very simple to use.

Make sure you pick up a Codaicen Fishing wacky worm rig before your next bass fishing adventure. You will not be disappointed when you see how easy it is to set up and save your worms from tearing as quickly as they do when you just hook them through the middle. Using the o-rings on the worms really helps save those expensive soft stick worms. You might have your favorite brand worm to use or you can buy some of the Made in the USA Codaicen 5 inch worms. Our wacky worm kits come with or without worms.

 Do your self a favor and pick one up here -- Wacky Worm Rig Set-up Kit.

THE CODAICEN FISHING TEAM caught over 20 Bass in one morning using nothing but these rigs and our super soft stick baits. Extraordinary fishing but something you can do as well with our Wacky Worm Rig Kit

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