5 piece Bass Topwater Frog Lures Kit- with Legs

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  • The soft hollow-bodied frog lures helps the razor sharp hooks face flush against the body so the hooks never come close to the weeds under them. You can freely drag a frog across lily pads and other vegetation and not get hung up.
  • There is nothing more exciting than a topwater explosion while bass frog fishing. Simply cast these lures smack into the middle of surface vegetation and slowly working it back across the top. Walk the frog lure so it appears like a frog moving along the surface, or from lily pad to lily pad. Related Searches:topwater frog,topwater lures,frog bait,frog lures,frog lures for bass popper
  • TOPWATER FROG BAITS SIZES PER PIECE: Length of body: 2.36inch; weight:0.42oz; package:pack of 5 in a plastic tackle box. Very easy to stow and transport
  • CODAICEN TOPWATER WEEDLESS FROGS FLAWLESSLY MIMICS actual frogs or bullfrogs creating life-like hopping and swimming actions in real life cover. The realistic style and 3D eyes make it an exciting fishing frog lure that actually catches bass and pike.
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