10 Pack of Black with Blue Flake Soft Stick Wacky Worms Salted 5 Inch - Neko/Senko Style

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  • CODAICEN FISHING WORMS are custom hand poured in the USA for quality next to none. Great for the wacky rig tool, Neko rig Carolina rigged and Texas rigging.
  • LETS GO FISHING and with these baits you will be ready to catch fish. These great worms are infused with salt making them just the correct weight for casting distance and enticeing the predator to strike on the drop.
  • OUR CODAICEN FISHING TEAM uses this color and our Green Pumpkin with black flakes 90% of the time. Green pumpkin with black flakes and watermelon with black flakes. Our team catches a lot of Bass with these colors.
  • OUR SOFT SENKO STYLE WORM is great in the lily pads and along weed beds, under docks and around brush. The back and forth drop lights up the predator fish and heats up the fishing.