Life-Like Crankbait Fishing Lures- Set of 5

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ğŸŽ£ CODAICEN COLORFUL CRANKBAIT square bill crank bait. One of the best medium diving crankbaits out there. We love to catch fish and these little buggers catch them.

ğŸŽ£ CODAICEN CRANKBAIT, JERKBAITS ARE A MUST HAVE for the serious fisherman or fisherwoman. Specifically targeting bass, walleye and northern pike as well as most other freshwater predatory fish. Premium treble hooks , ultra-sharp, fish hooks that bite hard and hold firm.

ğŸŽ£ THIS CODAICEN SQUARE BILL CRANKBAIT FOR BASS FISHING gives a tight wiggling pattern that realistically mimics the action of a swimming bait fish which bass find hard to resist.

ğŸŽ£ THESE CODAICEN JERKBAITS/CRANKBAITS FOR BASS and other predatory fish make great gifts for your favorite fisher person. Dad, son, daughter, grandfather, wife. Expert anglers or beginners will love these baits.

ğŸŽ£ CODAICEN TACKLE STANDS behind all their fishing lures, baits, Our wacky rig tool, and fishing pliers. Let us know if you have any issues and we will take care of them immediately. Perfect gifts for all your anglers, father, son, husband, wife, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas Etc. Make sure you check out our other CODAICEN fishing tools and fishing lures.

We love it when a Bass hits our crankbaits and so will you. Just cast it to your hot spot reel it in either fast or slow depending on depth, water temperature and the kind of fish you are fishing for. You will love these crankbaits. Why should you trust CODAICEN FISHING for your fishing needs? Perhaps the main reason is because we are fishermen and women who know how to catch predatory fish. Might I add we have caught many fish over the years. Our CEO, Dennis Snyder, has been fishing for well over 50 years and has caught just about every variety of fresh water fish big and small. He does all of our buying and research into the fishing lures and baits we sell. All of our baits are housed and shipped from the USA for quick delivery and great customer service. We pride ourselves on giving you what you need to catch fish. We use these baits and lures ourselves or we would not sell them to you. Most of our plastic (rubber) baits are hand poured in the USA and many of our other baits are sourced from various countries around the world. Codaicen Lure Wraps are machine sewn in the USA in a Veteran owned facility.