Dark Night Topwater Popper- Hard Bait with Solid Sharp Treble Hooks

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  • OUR TOPWATER POPPERS have great colors for any type of water you might fish. They have a cupped mouth and make a great popping sound attracting game fish for reaction hits. These poppers can be fished slowly or quickly depending on your style and the fish bite for the day. Dark Night Popper
  • THE CODAICEN TOPWATER POPPER lure is 2.55 inches long weighing in at 1/3 ounces making these poppers the perfect size to catch some great Bass, walleyes, Northern Pike and even a snakehead or two.
  • CODAICEN FISHING LURES AND POPPERS are tested and used by your average Joe and Jane anglers as well as tournament bass fishermen. BASS LOVE OUR TOPWATER POPPERS. Any topwater hitting predatory fish will love the Codaicen Poppers
  • Codaicen Fishing CEO, has been catching Bass for years using poppers just like the Codaicen Topwater Plopper. He loves the feel of these as well.