Green Pumpkin Ned Worms- 3 Inch

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  • OUR NEWEST 3” NED WORMS! Designed for the popular "Ned" Rig technique fished with a jig head. However, this bait worm also works great as a shakey head bait, drop shot and texas rig. Carolina rigging is excellent for these worms. If you want to catch fish then use these fantastic, made in the USA, Ned Worms
  • CODAICEN NED WORMS are 3” long and stand up fairly straight as they sit on the jig. They do a little dance as the current and your jiggin work the bait.
  • MANY DIFFERENT COLORS to catch the bass' attention and entice them to strike.
  • COMES IN A 5-PACK of each color so make sure you pick up a few different colors for your waters and fish.