Wacky Rig Worm Fishing Tool Kit - Wacky Rig Tool, 125 Wacky Worm O-Rings, 10 Weedless Fishing Hooks, and 6 Senko Style Salted Worms- 3 Watermelon w/ Black Flake and 3 Watermelon w/ Red Flake

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  • CODAICEN FISHING presents the best wacky worm rig set-up available. This is the exact same tackle our teams uses every time they wacky worm fish. Our team catches a lot of Bass with this rig. Fits up to 6" worms but really great for 4" and 5" worm.
  • HERE IS WHAT YOU GET: One wacky rig tool, 125 O-rings, 10 weedless #1 hooks, 6 - 5" Black w/Blue Flakes salted senko style soft stick bait worms hand poured and molded in the USA. Our wacky rig tool is made with 100% aluminum and stainless steel and comes with a quality lanyard and an easy to add o-rings retainer screw. Very simple to use.
  • THE CODAICEN WACKY RIG TOOL helps make it easier than ever to get into fishing this effective wacky style. Our Wacky Rig helps secure your worm to your hook without fear of tearing baits saving you worms and money. Natural and real, the o-ring makes the worm easier to flip and skip, causing more bites.
  • THE CODAICEN FISHING TEAM caught over 20 Bass in one morning using nothing but these rigs and our super soft stick baits. Extraordinary fishing but something you can do as well with our Wacky Worm Kit.